Quick Links to Statistics Pt 3

101. Intro to retracements w/ AJK concepts (6): Checking which retracement levels are likely to hold. For the most part, the key fib level actually seems to hold pretty well.

102. AJK Wave move filters (6): A more in depth look at how the lengths of the wave sequences affect the final outcome.

103. Shared time elements (6): First time I tried to do a study on predicting a wave end point based on time alone. When awake at the right times with a smaller time frame entry, this may be very good.

104. Some updated stats on wave movement (6): Another simplified version of what specific wave movements translate to later; Also evidence for easy pips in breakouts.

105. Hour compositions (3): Trying some old stuff involving where daily extremes occur, but now with 1hr extremes and custom time frames.

106. Hour Compositions pt2 (3): Trying some old stuff involving major moves, but now in the 1 hour scope rather than 1 day scope.

107. Hour Compositions Pt 3: ABC waves in the 1 hour context (3) : Checking how the type of ABC wave in 1m x 60 differs from hour to hour.

108. Hour Compositions Pt 4: Winners by time elapsed (3) : Creating a histogram of the type of wave created based on time elapsed before the first trigger.

109. Hour Compositions Pt 5: Wave types by time (3): Type of ABC wave created based on the hour.

110. Leading and trailing extremes (4): A look into how the way you define an hour changes what time periods extremes are more likely to occur in. Interesting to learn!

111. Retracement filtered by trend length (5): A look at the probability of the follow up wave based on the length of the current wave.

112. Trend retracement filters on swing assumption (5): Where the swing (retracement) wave will end based on current wave size.

113. Lower time frame swing breaks (6): Histogram of minimum returns based on a lower frame trend break


Updated: 10/14/15


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