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Next idea

An idea I want to test out.


How to properly construct and test is the question.. Observations first, followed by designing and testing.

Edit: Update




I’d shout it but there’s still some parts to work on. I was reading a few pages that I had printed off the thread for probably the 5th or 6th time right before I went to bed and had one of those “oh my.. what if..” moments. I checked the charts, checked the data, double checked both of them. It’s works! On to the next steps. This is only the beginning (:

Just a note

I’ve had a number of people comment and try to get in contact with me now but my email replies have not been answered. I’m not sure if this is due to people flaking, or an error sending on my end, but if you’d like to get in contact with me(and you’ve already attemped), you can email me at, and then tweet me @D5Air. Or ya kno. check the┬áinbox.