Blogs and thoughts

The following are links to some of my blurbs I’ve made discussing some of my thoughts on how to approach the market. Some of these are contained within a post that had a statistic in it as well, so they are just double posted.

The Big Restart: What doesn’t work and Why:

Signal Bender Pt 1

Signal Bender Pt 2

Filtering and detection

1 year mark Overview

Finding an edge in Oscillators

Thoughts on Averages and Trends

iDoubleStoch’s FF Thread: Worth a read to expand the possibilities of what can work

Mind of a creative Researcher:

Flow chart of Research design: How I approach Research

Transient bars as waves

Research design

Zoom in, Zoom Out

Some Notes: Some jotting I do every now and then to try to reorganize my thoughts and determine what I want to work on next/most.

Roundabout thoughts: The current model after being about 2 years in


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