04/19/2014 – Cleaned up all prior posts regarding old trading methods.
08/21/2014 – First edge found.
01/01/2015 – Twitter for information that doesn’t warrant a post
02/16/2015 – First attempt at live trading. Attempting swing trading, 1-3 trades a week. Expected run time: 4 months
04/30/2015 – Testing a contrarian small position, long term portfolio: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/HeavyCoin/contrarian/1208861
Later cancelled due to not having the motivation/time to follow it through
06/15/2015 – Live Trading test run over: Result, Profitable, but not overly so. Success!
07/01/2015 – Begin second attempt at live trading, this time with options.
08/01/2015 – End of second attempt in options. Needs more of an edge to be successful
12/31/2015 – Market summary of what I have learned and what I found most memorable/useful
07/01/2016 – End of current research for personal reasons. Beginning final live account, trading more long term positions
01/01/2016 – Begin light short term trading positions

Based from the 1 year project to learn about currency markets, now striving to learn more. 365trading.tumblr.com

This blog is a journey of learning how to trade the markets, specifically the forex market. If you have any questions, ask!

Historical time line

Previous systems:

Bollinger band/ stochastic system; overbought oversold indicators
Candle PA system: 4hr/daily visual support resistance levels. pinbars, engulfments, inside bars
Level systems: Asian range breakouts, fib level breaks
Time based systems: London systems based on Asian movement
Various scalping methods: 1m/5m convergence/divergence, candle patterns

You can read more about why I abandoned this style of approaching the market in my first blog here:


Build a technical statistic based system based on Wave Analysis and metadata.

I’m developing a new methodology based on Relativity’s “What really turned my trading around” thread on the babypips forum. At the time, there were about 170 pages or so; a highly complex, vague, and mathematical approach to the markets. Some argue that a Keep It Simple, Stupid method is best; I simply don’t agree. The market wasn’t made to be solved by simpletons.  Besides, you can’t really argue with statistics can you? As a result, I began studying Relativity’s methods, and the other ideas mentioned in the thread to play a role in the development of the system. The tools and concepts:

1. Wave analysis. Barros swings/Ray waves. Created by Ray Barros, a fund manager and author of The Nature of Trends. A different way to calculate waves; more clear, and more logical than a standard ZZ (zig zag) tool. This has been expanded to more general wave theory, and the idea of isolating and capturing the “major” moves in the market. Also taking a look at Elliott Wave theory, and the ideas presented by Harmonic Elliott Waves (HEW) by Ian Copsey.

2. Metadata. SB, SignalBender, known by aliases such as 7thSignalTrader, TradeVector, iDouble, JetTrader, Stealth Trader. A highly controversial trader that in my opinion was on to something. Break the data into it’s true components: O/H/L/C. By manipulating the data correctly, you can predict future movement. Although 1 and 2 seem to collide (7th didn’t believe in a “trend”) I think the ideas are still applicable.

3. Statistics. Patterns. If repeatable and predictable price action exists, it can be found.

-I’m always open to some colab or sharing of ideas! I I mean for all my research to be open (for the time being) so if you’d like to have a chat with me via skype or email, send me a message here (or on ForexFactory) or leave a comment 😀


7 thoughts on “About

  1. KA


    This blog is a good initiative. I’ll be following your blog.., I’ll try to catch up on your/Rel’s work and develop my own WA analysis too… and maybe one day I’ll have a bit to share back…

    Have a nice journey 🙂

    1. lgtrader Post author

      Thanks!, I’m always happy to see other people checking out my stuff and looking into other, (and in my opinion) more sound ways of trading. You’re always more than welcome to ask questions or post your comments 😀

  2. fe

    Hi Igtrader,
    I found your blog via Google, great work!
    I also study the Work of SignalBender and Rel.
    Would you be interested in an exchange, maybe via Skype?
    I don’t know, do you see my email, so you can contact me?
    Kind regards!

  3. manish9300

    hi there ,
    Just discovered your blog while googling for sb and his stuff that is tcd omega etc.I also followed relativity’s thread at babypips.Would be following your blog now.:)


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