Rabbit Hole Series #2.2

Calculating pip profit from the first signal entry to end of wave. Negative numbers, of course, for the entries that occur at the end of the wave. There were a few (<10 or so) that had a “valid entry” but occurred near the end of the wave anyhow, so the potential was quite low. The overall summary of this single aspect is roughly: 98% of the time if you take the first signal that appears in the true wave, there is a 70% chance to make at least 5 pips. Seems okay, but is missing the possibly large error that the system would require assumption of where the current wave start point is. Sometimes one would perhaps think that a UR is starting when it’s really just a small bounce in a continuation DT.]

The upside is that the large majority of the profits are in the over 25 pips category, suggesting that overall, this TCD does give the correct signal about where price can go. I think this is an okay start depending on what I can add on to it, I still need to:
Look at the other two scenarios: oversold in down moves and overbought in uptrend moves
Look at the TCD crosses or create a new TCD to interact with this one.


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