Rabbit Hole Series #2 extended

in trend
Some pictures from the H1

Can’t quite get the logic correct to get all my numbers to update live time, but I do have a good way to create these graphs historically to check multiple time frames, various h values, and the like. This expands the possibilities I can measure and cross check, and perhaps follow SBs advice on using an MTF approach. I’m not sure if excel is better suited for checking these things compared to MT4, but one certainly has to be clever in how to organize and pull the data to check for hard proof that these concepts actually work.

I currently don’t know which levels (70/30, 75/25, 80/20, etc) are better. I think to better capture these opportunities though, I want to expand the average length of each wave (more potential).


Giving clues on in-trend pull backs and end of trend exhaustion.
I’m noticing that the signal is usually slightly early; A long signal usually has a one more dip low, and a short signal usually has one more push up.
Enough cherry picking, time to try to find a scientific way to analyze all of this.



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