The Rabbit Hole Series.. #1

I’m going to see if I have enough “creativity” in me to start a new category on my blog that’s basically going to be offloading a bunch of random output I get from various tests in the Signal Bender realm. Normally these things would be filed until statistics or something but until I get something “real”, I’m mostly posting to help myself keep track of what I’ve tried and what I’m working on, I understand most people will not be able to follow. I still plan on posting some stuff that I think more people will be able to digest; let’s see how deep I can make it this time..

Right now I’m working on RT/Omega relationships both pinned and unpinned to swings. pinning is definitely like “forcing” but it kind of creates a fixed number of relationships which can be useful if I know what i’m hunting for.

I’m trying to spend more time with each result and studying it, rather than jamming out the numbers and moving on. This one is okay but has it’s obvious flaws. I almost feel like I need to create a new metric to analyze these more efficiently and quickly..

gap 1



6 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Series.. #1

  1. kviip

    By not describing series or explaining what is presented you cannot expect that people will try to understand what you are presenting.

    1. lgtrader Post author

      That’s correct, I don’t. I just don’t think people have an interest in reading about things that don’t work. Things that I view as having real value will be explained in more detail.

      1. Relativity

        I think its also a confidence issue, which is fair. There is not much of a point posting up stuff that doesn’t work / might work. Take your time to detail the research and then present it when you are really ready or found something of significance =) Otherwise you already made clear your point early, that this is still ‘exploratory’.

    1. lgtrader Post author

      Considering I’ve had 2 or 3 people given input out of the 3400 visitors I’ve gotten since I started this blog, full detail wasn’t really at the top of my priority list… If it’s something you’re genuinely interested in, I can do so.

      1. kviip

        As I have nothing to show you back yet, I will not imply that you should share details, even more full details. But I will keep reading your blog, as I do from from its inception. As for now, I wish you fruitful research.

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