“Debriefing” on MMLC v12

Been hanging around this thread:


After a lot of thought, it kind of feels like the “path to profits” has been made both easier and harder. On one hand, the market has been simplified to:

  1. Find good areas to trade in (done)
  2. Find strong signals within these areas (not done)
  3. Find success and failure points (not done)
  4. Win

On the other hand, the methods used to find the next steps seem to make frequency distributions of price retracements/extensions less effective or not effective at all. These are the “other methods” or additional parts.

Having the trade spots known creates a sort of a filter on what price range are worth looking and excludes certain types of analysis making it easier in the hypothesis but harder in the design phase. Time to be “creative”.

*puts crazy hat on*


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