C vs TCD end points

It is very difficult to know if a vs b is favoring one side or the other. That is, if pivot formula A really is better, how do you know? Since no matter what you do, there are bound to be some variances in strength areas, I feel like you have to really know what you are trying to compare. I’ve wondered as I’m sure many others have about the difference and significance between using closes and using H/Ls. This by no means is exhaustive, but more like a test for a factor within a test.

This is tested for conditions of length >=10, since I think lower lengths cause a lot of issues of being caught within a flat. I was also considering fractal lengths of 7, but there are too many possibilities and its difficult to find significance.

Using Close values:


Using TCDs:


Hmm… Round 1 to the TCDs I think..

Completed for potential possibilites:


One of the times when low probability is still a good thing, because either way theres a way to take advantage of it.


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