To do list:

Tried out a few trades today and I’m fairly satisfied with it. My main goal is still to create it in a multidimensional frame. Currently it’s a bit rigid due to the stats I used to configure it. Those settings work, but I need to find all settings.

1. Complete for all useful h values (10-240, possibly more). This one shouldn’t be too difficult.
2. Multiple time frame recognition and calculations. This one will be a bit more challenging. I will need it to account for instances where two time frames are not in agreement with each other.
3. Create a secondary “constrictor” pivot to be more aggressive with stop losses. This one is optional, but if I don’t complete this one, I want to complete one similar.

I may be starting to understand the notion of finding a pattern that exists for over 95% of cases. I’m looking at a 99.5%, but I want more! Or at least, a more complete version. There is a difference between 97% being recurrent, and 97% of possible transient bars becoming recurrent. The first is a fact of the market. The second is a money maker in the market.


There are two more things to check for:

1. Which is the more correct “trigger” for the trend change?
2. Is it more accurate to project for the next period or just the current period?

Not quite significant enough yet but I suspect HH/LL might be better than C.. Very early stages, though!



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