SB Take 3

I’m pretty transient bar-ed out for now. I’ve done what I can with it, and I don’t have a good way to tackle the problems I’m facing with it. However, I DO think I’ve managed to create a small edge out of it, so I look forward to seeing how it does on my micro account. I think a partial martingale strategy may be in order, as eurusdd suggested, and while I don’t condone such tactics, I think they are a very advanced concept to implement correctly. Until then, I will wait for eurusdd to come back next year and talk about his version of transient waves, or if anyone asks/mentions anything interesting the thread. However with how secretive everyone is, I don’t see that happening.


Until then I’m back to pure metadata for another time! This time I have a more solid background, and a lot of ideas, however historically I’ve hit a wall with them quite quickly and it’s easy to become frustrated. I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it this time, but I will work until I’m out of ideas as usual.

I came up with a new approach after plenty of doodling on scratch paper, and these are the pre-lim results. It seems like 80%/20% extremes are decent at predicting turning points, while anything less than that, even though relatively extreme, does not do so much. I found some failures as well, but I will look into it later.




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