Aggregating and fills Pt. 1

I haven’t been posting much (as I expected) but i’ve actually been getting a lot done. I’ve basically been running VBA macros non-stop for a few days now. The trick is that I need specific values based on the wave (and it’s length) so since every wave length is different (or unpredictable), I need the code to account for that. I’m looking at over 1500 swings and calculating 18 different values for every hour so excel has been quite busy. I’ve also had my fair share of debugging. Excel just finished the data and i’ve looked at it for a good 3 minutes and I already decided I’m going to need to write some more code. What use to take 5 minutes to analyze now will take 36 hours or so after fixing bugs (my friend thinks I should get to learn more coding and get a job in the industry. He has no clue how bad at it I am HA).


Upon looking at the data, I immediately thought of SB’s thoughts on fills and TCD trajectories in general: If done properly, one will be able to see the end of the ‘trend’ before it occurs. There will be signs that the subordinate TCD is growing in strength and prepared to overtake the dominant one.



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