Candle patterns at transient points

Tops have a green bar over 90% of the time. Bottoms have a red bar over 90% of the time.

In a 5 bar pattern of true transients, a top contains the pattern UUUxx 80% of the time, while bottoms contain the DDDxx pattern about 80% of the time as well. These seem to be pretty reliable for assuming a possible transient bar before the complete h value is completed.


Some other patterns are actually also good, considering the proper filter. This is only considering all left side transient bars. Somewhere between 12-14% of left side transient bars are fully transient, therefore making the UUUDD and the DDDUU very good opportunities for predicting the transient vs recurrent type. This is decent, but I’m already having ideas of making this much much stronger. After some thought and live testing, I’m not quite ready to start working on other things. There are still more little details to figure out, and I want to exhaust these basic moves as best as I can before working on the levels and fib aspects. However I do need to work on it because I need my own secret weapon =p

It’s all about proper filters at this point. Finding all the cases that make the norm, not so norm.




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