Basic movements on T-bars

It looks like I’ve been getting some more attention on this blog lately since two people have promoted it (thanks to Rel and Shiva). So to the new people, Welcome! For anyone wondering why I am no longer posting in that thread and did not realize, I have been ignored and banned from it (I made some comment about following blind trades). At least I can still read it. I’m not bothered by it at all.


As for progress, I’ve written a couple posts about ideas and problems that need to be solved, but I still haven’t quite been able to create a model that produces the things that I want to see.


  • Theory: How does the market move from point to point? How do I connect these transient bars together?
  • Abstract: Perhaps T-bars(their position, their timing) are predicted by where past transient bars are? Maybe they are connected by which levels are attracting/repellent?
  • Hypothesis: What if T-bars can be better pinpointed by projecting an extension from the past 2 T-bars?
  • Design: I will take the 3rd T-bar and measure it compared to the length of the previous 2 T-bars, both in length and time
  • Code->Results->Analysis are self explanatory

Theory is the base and premise of everything, but it’s not very useful if there isn’t a good way to confirm/deny it. Creating the proper ideas that flow from the theory to something that can actually be tested is where I am at currently.

Ideally I’d complete an abstract in the next few weeks.


Basic movements in T-bars:

I had the data on hand, and here is an idea that’s quite interesting to think about.


Perhaps it’s a law of the market, but there is a safe¬†minimum movement required before the next transient bar can occur, which I think is more reliable than time atm.


Below is our good friend the oscillator between lengths from T-bar to T-bar. The fact that it moves quite regularly from positive to negative is some proof for waves (: I think these transients might be able to identify market states for me..




3 thoughts on “Basic movements on T-bars

  1. Greg

    The concept is interesting but the user eurusdd is contradictory in what he says and what he does. Example: claims to set 10 pips stop loss limit but trading history (20 lot sell trade on August 15th) shows that he does not (always).

    1. lgtrader Post author

      2 things:

      1: I don’t think eurusdd is very contradictory in what he says, or at least doesn’t have to be. He has said before that he hedges trades (don’t need SL then) and something along the lines that the similar system was making up a good portion of the shown trades in his trade explorer. Therefore not ALL trades in the explorer were based on the idea that was shown in the thread. I’ve never been one to question the validity of the trader, only his methods (via my own research).People care too much about “proof” that something “works” before they are wiling to try it themselves.

      2. I don’t particularly care about where the direction of the thread is going anymore; I have gotten what I have out of the thread and unless someone explicitly tells me something about it, or he adds new information, I do not think I will learn much more from his concept. I took his concept as a stepping stone to “see” something I was unable to a long time ago, and now I am doing my “own” thing with it.

      1. Relativity

        Truth is, you’ve already outgrown the thread and you know it =d Time to just focus on yourself… you got what you needed.

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