B2i on states

My first attempt at combining the states and the rectangles from iDoubleStoch.

-Split hourly data into 2 states: flat and moving
-Block them up into “days”
-Apply B2i theory to the days, creating a vector point and testing whether or not price would return to that level.



After eyeballing a couple of the setups on the charts (pre-excel macro) I felt like price needed more than 24 hours to complete the level, given that a lot of my boxes were larger than 24hr. Therefore I started by giving price 48 hours to complete the level. A bit surprisingly the trend state preformed a bit better. Look similar to the Delicate secret success levels. I’m wondering if these are just common numbers for price coming back to any price in the duration of a day/2 days/week.

Wonder how the numbers would change if I added the MA filter..


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