Vacation! I have one small scheduled post later today, but other than that there will be no other posts for the next 2 weeks minimum. After that I will hopefully be trying my hand at a wave indicator, but I have a lot of steps to cover before I am ready to start writing it. Now that I fully understand (I think) the scope, validity, and usefulness of it, I have to design it. This is not just an MQL obstacle, as I need to work out the abstract as well.

Some notes, (some assumptions, some discovered ‘truths’) mostly for myself:

  • To maintain MTF, I think only tracking H-L is necessary.
  • Fixed TF will cause some movements to be ‘lost’ or un-captured, which I am ok with for the time being.
  • Try to only identify useful zones: areas where practical trades can occur (P/L ratio that makes sense/worth pursuing)
  • Trade in Flow. Momentum is very evident, yet is required to have stopping points. Perhaps some more extreme or out side of the box SB Fill ideas can help show this.
  • ‘TF control’ has limits when it comes to practical movement.




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