MQL4 log and blog


1. Draw something. Anything
2. Draw lines that makes sense
3. Draw Daily data on 1HR TF
4. Fix lines not appearing until EoD
5. Fix lines not appearing on smaller TF  ×
6. Draw projection data, Daily data from yesterday being projected today
7. Draw lines using function calls
8. Implement pivots
9. Enable more than 19 days of pivots to be viewed


6/12: successfully drew SOMETHING on the chart:

6/19: successfully drew scribbles, next step draw something that makes sense


Later that day, got levels to follow H/L, next step get lines to draw D1 datasuccess06/22: Got D1 data to appear on my H1 chart! Fix lines not appearing until EOD



06/23: It’s peeking out! Got lines show at before EoD. Also got data to be created from yesterdays data, not current data. At this point recreating traditional pivots is not too difficult I don’t think. Time to work on using data other than MT4 given iHigh and iLow to give values.


next step get from using iHigh/iLow to custom array formulas

6/25: Beta version complete: Adds/subtracts pivot from open, but PP formula needs tweaking to better match excel output.


6/26 Finished! It’s a bit buggy, but it works! At least in the scope that I need it to for now.


After completing the indicator, I “leveled up” again by being able to appreciate what creating indicators does, and I kind of see the process like this:

1. Observe market pattern
2. Find a way to test for market pattern in a quick fashion to see if something might be there (bulk of my recent work in excel)
3. Build indicator to view on the chart
4. See if a new market pattern emerges with the indicator on the chart (What I recently gained in leveling up).
5. Rinse/repeat.

While I love excel and have grown very comfortable with it, having a visual indicator is not just for making work easier, but for allowing new patterns which otherwise would have been hidden to be shown. I realized this after the teamviewer session and asking about the process of getting from point A to B.


I don’t browse forums much since the majority of it is not applicable to me, I do enjoy reading them and always have since my gaming days. I’m a particular sucker for anything with a flashy or cryptic title, and while I rarely learn anything that I can apply directly in my own work, I try to follow the thread to get a sense of how other people view the market. I don’t really care if there’s no proof of the method, as that is something that I will undertake myself. Up until now, everything has been about waves waves waves. And while waves are the fashion in which price moves, having other forms of “market analysis” allows me to get the “same signal from 2 independent sources” idea.

One example of an idea I read about was in a thread the Forrest pointed me to towards about half a year ago “the Ultimate truth”. In it was  basically the idea of not just roulette-ing, but classified roulette-ing among multiple types of “input”. The thread died and became the project of “Fractals, ZZ, and the pissing dog”. A basic version of the ‘Ultimate truth’ idea was done in one of my statistics back then, where I found nothing (not surprisingly). I thought that I could take the concept from the second thread to be applied to my waves, but I had too many issues in the design phase that I never went through with it. The creator of the original thread somewhat recently made another thread titled “A delicate secret” which i won’t explain, but the idea behind it has unintentionally (or perhaps subconsciously) influenced what I may have found in the charts post indicator.

In taking Rel’s advice, I spent some time looking at post bar hit, rather than pre-bar hit.

levelsI noticed that when 1) there is only 1 hit of the day and 2) the hit bar fully closes through the level, that price returns back to the pivot, or rather back through the original hit bar within about a 24hr period. This is somewhat similar to both the idea in the ‘delicate secret’ thread, as well as Rel’s “accepted level” which I have been trying to find a way to implement. There may be a pattern, lets see if I can rinse and repeat and come back with a better edge.




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