Movement after Pivot hit (better)

Price ratios! Derp.

Before, I was referencing movements past the hit bar via ratio compared to PP. However current H-L is an another way to check things out, and the stats look a bit better this way. I’m safe until 1.5 at least 50% of the time. I’m assuming that days that draw down more (reverse hit direction) lead the range to “fill more” and it’s possible that it’s causing some of the days that don’t hit 1.5. The 0 is showing that the hit bar is the max bar 16% of the time. Seems kind of high. Worth checking through the code more in depth.



As for the drawdown, negative numbers mean that price reverses pass the current low (in long cases) and push higher than the current high (in short cases). 40% of the time, after price reaches the hit bar, it doesn’t return. Hmm.




Red vertical lines: Day start-end
Blue horizontal dotted: Lower bound
Green horizontal dotted: Higher bound
Blue rectangles: Ranges used to create max profit/DD after hit bar is reached
Yellow rectangle: 150% level being hit
Not boxed/shown is the low not being breached for the rest of the day, also worth noting.


Ok back to the next steps.



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