Bar types of the ‘hit bar’

The bar that either breaks the high pivot or low pivot is what I’m calling the hit bar.

Here are the ‘entry clue’-esque stats for the hit bars (condensed stats are the two on the right)


Showing that the first bar that makes the high (or breaks the low) is at least 20 pips about 85% of the time. Interesting. Given this (and the last statistic) it’s not surprising that the H-L of the bar after it is generally large as well (being over 20 pips about 80% of the time.

Here’s a real life example:

3Red lines: PP levels
Yellow: H/L of hit bar
Blue: H/L of succeeding bar

Shows (pretty well I think) that :

  • the hit bars and bars after tend to be of decent size:
  • how many bars of the day are small (meeting the <10 statistic)
  • How attainable the pivot levels are






Bout 50-50


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