Direction? Or anti direction..

Still no luck finding anything in regards to direction. Still working with what I have from Direction Trajectories Pt2, and trying to piece things together. My pivot levels are my strongest point, so I’m “anchoring” on it for the time being. This is one of those forks in the road; should I be right, I’ll be hammering it out and refining (and finding) a true edge. Should I be wrong, I’ll have to archive the idea of using the pivot as my base point.

I could make this more wordy than it needs to be for the sake of explanation, but at the end of the day, I feel like I don’t have enough inputs currently to predict what I want to predict. So, I’m starting small, and starting zoomed in.

Price hits one point 95% of the time:

–What happens next?

1. If price hits both top and bottom, is there any edge in which one is hit first?

A. First impulse according to previous day or random?

2. If price hits both, will price close in the direction of the second hit direction? (likely)

3. Is there a time difference or bump in 2 hit days?

A. Is there any tell of a ‘pre-swing move’ or fakeout move compared to a 2 swing day?

4. If price only hits 1 target, what’s the max or likely drawdown from that point?

A. Once price hits a pivot, is there anything about how it closes, the Delta of the 1hr bar that makes the close, the fill ratio of one of it’s TCDs, that gives indication about a potential reversal or not?

B. what’s the bar that occurs after the bar that hits the target?


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