Winners wick, losers wick, and wick percentages

I keep making wick posts because honestly, I’m never through enough and I keep thinking of things I want to check out about them. Contained inside the wick is a wealth of information about where to enter and exit. As an average, there isn’t much you can find (I don’t expect) but it’s good to build as much general knowledge to have ideas on where to pin point things later.


This time in percentages:



The 50% cross over is between 20 and 25 on all the individual wicks, and between 50 and 55 on all the combined wicks. Either way you dice it, the daily candle appears to be a 1/4 1/2 1/4 split. however, interesting to note the difference in the 0-5% wick between the winners wick and losers wick..


Took a look at just some of the more recent data. Appears that summing the winner/loser wick is a bit better than taking them individually. In other words, the winners wick+ losers wick makes up 30-70% of the H-L 60% of the time, whereas the winners wick or the losers wick makes up 15-35% of the H-L only 53% of the time.



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