Daily bars within the week

Don’t think I posted this, but I think I did it before in a very ‘what ever lets see’ type of fashion. Importance of archiving! Stashing a bunch of random, general, information about the market is generally not useful, but when you have a specific need for it, it’s nice to have.


Up weeks on the left, Down weeks on the right. More or less the same thing. Things to note: 4 days of the week are more common and 2, and all 5 days moving in the same direction is more common than 1. Expected, but nice to have numbers on it.

The engine verified (more or less) the stats I observed in the last post. My first edge! Landmark day 😀

What I’ve managed to pull off, for the time being, is a roughly 80% non-losing rate. This is very different than a 80% win rate. I think I’m losing about 20%, winning about 50, and breaking even/slight loss on the other 30. However, the gains are still too slow. Given it’s extreme fill requirement, I’m only generating about a trade every week. Engine showed about an 8% gain from Feb 1 to May 20th of this month. Nice to start, but a lot more work to do. Initially I thought to drop the time frame down to generate more signals and more trade opportunities, but then I thought, what if I bring the time frame up? Having a weekly signal would actually allow me to trade every day, after some more back work is put in.


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