Direction Trajectories Pt2

Perhaps a bit pessimistic, although I think it’s being more thorough and careful that anytime I see good results, I think there’s some error in calculation. I’ve looked over the data and can’t seem to find anything wrong with it. (step 1). Next I’ll code it into a macro engine, and I’ll really know if something’s wrong with it. If there IS something wrong, I do have an idea about where it came from. If not, the beta engine should be rolling out pretty soon. Hoping for the best; I do feel like I’m getting close to hitting something that really works, but it could be a couple months out still.


Atm, consistency across the board on these stats is really what’s bothering me; it doesn’t quite make sense. The prelim engine shows similar results, even with a dummy signal. I think though, that if the rest of the code is correct, it’ll at least show me something about the.. fractal(?) nature of the markets and a hint about how to use 50-50 edges to ones advantage. OR. I’m just seeing things and I’m way off base. D: We’ll see where the engine takes me.


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