Movement imbalance

Edit: Oops! Fixed the data error

I’ve been working on trying to create either immediate or at least biased trajectories. Working with the fills again to see if I can use them as trigger points. Not much to post because I’m in the “design” phase rather than the research phase.

Q: If I were to trade off the Open, then I’m particularly interested in H/O and O/L deltas. I may not be using them as a trigger ; in fact I think they might be better served as a check point rather than a trigger point atm, so I’m checking that first. Is there an Imbalance between H/O O/L? What if they were filtered with an overfill elsewhere?

I checked with a ratio. The bigger divided by the smaller of H/O vs O/H. Ratios closer to 1 represent balance, ratios much larger than 1 suggest imbalance. There are some issues with possible validity using just these results alone, but my work on daily waves (Ha! It was useful!) has gotten rid of most of my worries about it.

Scenario: day moves 20 down, then 50 up. Net= 20 down, 30 up from open. This is a 1.5:1 ratio, much larger than 1, but on the movement perspective, I think it’s a little hazy. I’d like to see ratios a bit bigger to be more secure.

Here’s the net sample:

3+ being used as a cutoff


I tested the three over/under fill as a condition, and surprisingly, there is almost 0 difference (results like the one below (the -1 is the returned from criteria not being met



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