Projection Levels 1.1

Added a few basic filters. Still no noticeable bumps =p


Much easier/faster to work with the panel. The results on this one are much much better. I’ve managed to bring down the 30 pip days to under 7%, as opposed to ~29%.

The sweet spot (days where the projection is 40-60 pips) is what I’m looking at as it does contain about 80% of the days. I’m completely contained within the bounds on only 10% of the days, which seems decent. If I lower the PP level by 25%(or multiplying It by .75), I can drop the 0 HIT % in the sweet spot to about 4%, and bring the NOT HIT % to about 5%. The drawdown is that the chance that the other sides projection is hit 25%. Originally I was planning to use the other directions projection as a stop loss, but there may be other ways to go about it. Maybe there’s a way to ‘null’ the ‘weak point’ of these projections?


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