Fill % Basic

D1 H-L. I wanted a basic test of how effective the Fill % is, now that I’ve gotten the understanding of it and understand that the term Fill % actually makes sense to me.

I was told that MA that fills are measured against is actually an EMA. I’m not sure what EMA though. I do know that SB seemed to have a thing for 20-21 periods, but I decided to give 10 a try: 2 weeks.



Right-that days H-L

It can be noted that it doesn’t really make that big of a difference (between EMA vs SMA) as far as overr 100%/under 100% is concerned, but there may be a difference should I do something else with it. As mentioned before, it’s possible this can be used to actually project the next range like Saiduso was apparently doing (either with fills or some other type of TCD) but I’m not that far yet.


It does look like the Fill has some bearing on predicting the next days range. Minor usefulness atm.


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