Here’s a quick rundown of what I’m trying to do in following footsteps:

4 keys to success:





Perhaps the wave work I’ve done up until now can help in the probability and timing areas. If all the work I did in the past year combines to give even a slight indication/edge in that department, I’ll actually be quite relieved. I think if I have a better idea of the things I’m looking for, I can improve some the findings I’ve made in the past.

I’m setting out to create an “indicator” for each of these, and per the forum posts I read, each on a set of Tfs. All the work with the DV and things that extrapolate from that will hopefully give me some aid in the Magnitude aspect.

D1-W1-M1 Distinct Vega Fill% [timing]

D1-W1-M1 TCD Fill % [direction/projection]

D1-W1-M1 Omega Fill % [magnitude]

D1-W1-M1 LocBind [probability]

I don’t understand these much yet, but I aim to try to see how they fit eventually. I saw a lot about it posted in dailyfx; each one had a net signal, either long or short, and from the looks of it, simply trade the majority. Although I wonder, how can magnitude in itself have a long/short bias without any influence from direction? Maybe magnitude contains momentum?


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