Basic Ratios

From my talks with Rel, I know these ratios show ratios that aren’t really tradeable because of my lack of taking other things into account, but I think it’s still slightly useful for knowledge’s sake.

*Not fully accurate* but decent in my opinion



Had this one lying around for a while. Some things to note:

Similarity between B and C type waves. Similarity in ratio of final wave-pre final wave, with the D:C wave running out of space and generally not creating a full ratio. Median ratios look quite healthy actually.

There could be a lot to these ratios. A lot to dig through, a lot of helpful little tidbits and small edges, but I don’t want to deal with it much because I feel it represents too many incomplete parts. Too hazy currently. This will be the last post related to this for a while; it’s time for me to jump back into the SB side of things and looking back into those theories for some additional support.


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