Quick bit on weekly waves, and additional statistic on intraday waves

I can’t recall how many times I’ve done this. I’m actually pretty okay with these results currently. I have a new direction (possibly) to be going in soon which will put these statistics in the back of my head but the actual waves on the back burner… There’s been an interesting.. deductive conclusion to all of these results I’ve been working on for the past couple months. Think Edison. It’s not necessarily about what works, it’s about what doesn’t work. What doesn’t work obviously isn’t as good, but it is something. Obviously can’t confirm until something IS found to prove my hypothesis which may or may not happen, but progress is key..


ABC accounting for 74% is not bad. Not bad at all.


As expected, the bigger the wave, the bigger the MM. Except for the E wave, which is a rare occasion anyway.


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