More weekly averages Expanded-2 days

Something to put in my back pocket.

The following data is charted into 5 columns, each headed with 1 day of the week. Monday on the left, Friday on the right. The top row has only 1 day while every other row is a combination of two days. The data looks at directions of days compared to the week. For example in the top row, if Monday is up, then the week will be up 60.82 % of the time, and it will be down 39.18% of the time(also provided in previous statistic). If Monday AND Tuesday are up, the week will be up 76% of the time, and down 24% of the time. Tradeable? Perhaps, although keep in mind that if you’re using the Monday-Tuesday statistic, your chance my already be over by the end of Tuesday. Still some opportunity when combined with other things, but not stand alone


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