Dear Journal #8

More of a word vomit this time around.

Stuck. Not finding anything is one thing. Being unable to determine what to try next is another, and more difficult to overcome. I tried to go back to the roots for some inspiration. Back to the kresik thread, and digging online for some of Signal Bender’s other threads. It was made even more difficult since he’s used so many different usernames. Probably impossible if I didn’t have Relativity’s thread to mention him a couple times and note that he used multiple IDs. (If you’re reading this Rel, I didn’t realize until just the other day that you were LLT on T2W as well! ).

7thSignalTrader seems to have quite the thread on T2W, but either I’m not reading it clearly and fully enough, or T2W has made some complications stemming from deleting/altering posts, or a lot of stuff in there is in reference to other threads that I can’t find. I know the last one is true, but the difficulty is in knowing how much.

%Fill, or perhaps known better by %TCD Fill (are they even the same thing?) is something that’s popped up a few times that I can’t understand or find sufficient information about.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot of potential insight in there I believe. The core SB values are there, but being able to actually pick them out into tangible ideas is beyond me. What he did iterate is the following idea:


“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them” (attributed to Einstein)

There were a couple of bright people who seemed to be on their merry way to success, all briefly mentioning the importance of the TCDs. I’ve come to think of TCDs as basically the same thing as metadata, but I’m not sure that’s correct. Anyhow, there was a small thread in particular who mentioned 7th’s ideas and TCDs being used in his analysis, and it seemed to be hitting projections quite well. I haven’t the slightest clue how they manged that. How do you create more TCDs other than just linking O/H/L/C points to other O/H/L/C points? If you take averages of date created from highs and lows, how can you possibly create a range that is outside of it? How can you create metadata (Or I suppose meta-info) that shares a secret about the market that is still grounded in market logic? That’s the part that stumps me. I can imagine applying all sorts of math to metadata and creating new data. But what’s the point of it, and why would it make sense to work, if it’s not grounded in something that actually makes sense to begin with?



P.S on a side note I ran across a little story telling 7th did regarding mentoring 1 trader per year who showed potential, turning them into trading elites. Then they would go on and mentor at least 1 person in their career. Unfortunately it seems that there’s not much public info about the elite traders posting and searching the way 7th did, and 7th seems to have disappeared from forums sometime in 2006 (I think?) from being hated too much. I want to be mentored ):  Lol. Cool read though.


2 thoughts on “Dear Journal #8

  1. Aaron

    Hey, I’ve studied a lot of 7ths (and his other names) work over the years. If you need some more info on his methods I may be able to help a bit. Not sure I know much more than you, but think I at least have the basic ideas and calcs down. Applying them systematically, however, is a whole different question.


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