Wave modeling 1.6 (time)

-Following up on the journal entry I wrote. The results here need to be looked at; I might have some sloppy coding leading to some waves being classified as the wrong one. Yet I still consider these results fairly accurate.

In this project I looked at the simple time when the MM begins. I’ve previously done some work on when the MM ends as well as how long the waves are (which I think should be redone), but I haven’t done the simpleton approach of when the wave begins.


The A waves aren’t shown for obvious reasons, and it might be worth noting that A waves make up about 23% of all waves. I think there’s some nice things about this info, and although mostly supporting intuition, it’s always nice to have core statistics to back it up. Since I should be mostly concerned about A-B-C waves (making up 89% of all waves), the fact that I have the nice cluster around the 2-4 AM EST, or London open gives me some ideas of how to trade moving into the day’s action. It’s basically saying I can treat B and C waves the same, which is really really good.


The next steps:

-Check the waves and wave sorting coding wise

-See if I can distinguish A waves from the now B/C waves.

-See if anything noteworthy is happening in the cluster times (fake outs)


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