Dear Journal #6

Dear Journal,


It’s been a while.


It’s been a bit tough. Out of hope? Nope. A little ‘stuck’? Certainly. Haven’t been in contact with Rel at all in a few months now so I haven’t had anyone to bounce any ideas off of or get any ideas from. Back to just me! On a brighter note the thread is still around to provide a journal of what he did, and after I exhausted myself with my route, (and took a break) I started going back and trying to dig through his stuff. What now?


The waves that is. That’s what I think is the next step is. There’s a “goal question” I’ve had: “Where are we?” That is, I want to know that given the current price, Are we at a low of the day/week? High of the day/week? At a sequence that is likely to move lower? higher? What are the odds on that? Brief me. Currently I think that while my waves are good at condensing information down and nailing the possibilities to a good number, it’s perhaps too good. I’m not left with much wiggle room in how I’ve coded it. While this isn’t something I want to trash, because it is so condense, I think I need to add another element into the equation. That’s where Morph comes into play. There are some posts in the thread discussing how the current wave leaves possibilities to either continue on it’s wave definition or morphs into another wave with it’s own definition. So rather than saying that the wave is currently a B wave that can still turn into a C or D wave, it can be more refined to turn into some type of connector wave.

I think that’s the next step, after I finish some more work on the timings of my current waves. The time/price component (I’ve been told) is vitally important, so I will always look to see if I can find something in it when given the opportunity.


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