Wave Modeling 1.3

Keep digging. I have a couple of steps to work through and I need to think about how the pieces could possibly fit together, but the idea is that after these next couple of parts, I can bring in the parts I talked about in my journal.


This data I took from a different dataset, so if one studies Wave modeling 1.1 and 1.3, they will notice the numbers are slightly different (like total days). Here, the “A” wave, where price goes in 1 direction and 1 direction only, occurs 11.26% of the time. Within this set, Price only makes 1 HH and then is in trapped between the open price and the high of the day 8 times . The average of the first retrace is about 44%. NOTE: this is the average retrace of the first pullback on every “A” wave, not just those that have 1 HH and only 1 HH.

digThere’s a lot to do with this data here, and additional manipulation that I think I’ll need.



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