Time length of waves

Edit: This statistic needs to be redone. *construction in progress*

There are a couple of ways to organize the data visually, and there are a lot of small calculations that could change the results you observe. The idea behind this first one is fairly basic. I want to see how long it takes each wave to be created.


waves again

At the very top, and data lined horizontally simply shows time elapsed in hours. Each wave is measured relative to where it’s previous wave ended. Interestingly, It seems that A waves (those that move only in one direction) tend to hit their maxs/mins very late into the day, generally taking at least 12 hours to complete. And since these only have 1 starting point (the original), that means if price has moved in only 1 direction since open, it would be a risky short, even as volatility dries up and it is expected that winners will take profit. As another explanation for reading the data, the B wave (which has 2 extremes) shows the time it takes to complete the first extreme is under the “First Wave”, and the time it takes to complete the second extreme is listed until the “Second Wave”

It’s a bit hard to say, but it looks like there is some support for the idea that it takes longer to complete each portion of the wave, rather than the same amount of time. This then suggests that if extremes are made very quickly, and very early in the day, there is a higher probability for that extreme not to be the last. However it will take much more studying to take that theory as a statistical edge.

There are a few other observations to make, such as the fact that in any wave other than the “A” wave, the final wave ALWAYS takes at minimum 3 hours to complete. The first wave is ALWAYS completed faster than 10 hours for any wave bigger than a “C” wave. Hm…


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