Dear Journal #4

Lets try to do a recap of what I know, or what I am easily capable of knowing, in terms of data (not forecasting ability.. I wish)

For each 24 hour period, I know:

-The min and max price, and which one occurs first

-The hour that this occurs in

-The range of the day

-The difference in pips between the high/low of the day and open.

I’m starting to build some data and a few pieces might be useful when put together, but there’s still a lot of info missing, and parts that need to be put in. How do I bring waves back into the framework? With something like GWT, how do I check for this in my data set?

Every day is telling a story of movement. New boundaries broken, floating into supply/demand zones, and either pushing the boundaries in the same direction again, or reversing back the other way.

How important is the initial hour move?

How many days feature a zig zag move? What shape does it take? The day contains, generally, sets of HH, some retracement, and then possibilities of LL (or vice versa) completing both directions. But how often will the day contain more than 3 “switches”? from HH, to LL, back to HH?


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