Signal bender, some thoughts on delta

SB being the Delta trader he is, finds enormous potential in Deltas. Where there are data points, there are exploits of data points. There’s an emphasis on thinking about what deltas are really showing, because it will lead the way to finding new deltas. Since a bar contains 4 data points (o/h/l/c) and since deltas can be strung across multiple bars, and they don’t always have to be continuous, the possibilities are basically limitless.

The omega is the delta of the high/low. You can then plot a new ‘price’ by creating a moving average indicator of the omega. You can also plot a moving average of this moving average… sure gets messy quickly.

(I think) A hint from today’s reading concerning how to string together multiple time frames: it seems that the direction I want to be going in is to first look at a low tf. Watch ‘PA’ and it should follow a sort of curve of normal probability in terms of movement. If price starts to break out of the norm (big moves) it will no longer be contained within the small tf. Instead, it’s actions will be following the curve for a higher tf, so I can get some indication that ‘more data’ is required.


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